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Customer Testimonials

Jane, UK

Annie has helped me enormously on many occasions with the QBT sound healing frequencies.
I had an incredibly stressful year last year with many things going on which massively impacted my stress levels and feelings of not being able to cope. Together with being menopausal which exacerbates any kind of stressful situation, I was really struggling at times.
Annie's warm and caring personality reached out to me and did my balance files for the sound healing frequencies. I listened to them twice a day and have no doubt that this healing modality helped me enormously with re balancing my mental and emotional state.
As a Homeopath I love energy healing anyway, but the sound healing was another level of much needed healing, and I would highly recommend this amazing modality for anyone suffering unnecessarily. Annie is also incredibly knowledgeable about nutrition and other natural health tips. Thank you Annie for your continued support and help - it really is much appreciated.
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