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Your voice could be the key to your healing

If someone had told me 20 years ago that I would be working with a technology that analyses voice frequency, brainwave pattern and DNA to help rebalance emotions and wellbeing, I don't know if I would have believed them!

Everything is frequency, our emotions are frequencies, and we can sense the frequency of someone's emotions through their voice - anger has a frequency, joy has a frequency, and so on.

Electricity is a frequency, in our cells and our bodies, messages are sent using electromagnetic and electrochemical means, and frequencies impact on this. 

Whilst this technology has not been widely publicised to protect its integrity and the safety of doctors, health practitioners and patients using it, there are many who are using this bespoke sound frequency technology to help their patients rebalance emotions and their body which can facilitate the body's natural healing.

How it works

The clients voice is recorded (this can be done remotely or in person) or the brain scanned and this is analysed and any emotional and potential physical imbalances are identified. When your brain is having to use energy with restrictive emotions caused by trauma and stress, this takes energy away from the body functioning optimally and processes and overtime can reduce energy that the brain would use for optimal body functioning and healing and can lead to a state of dis-ease.


A balance file is created to address these emotional imbalances along with scanning against a database of over 40,000 conditions, illnesses, and dis-eases. Where necessary frequency files from this database are added to your balance file. I then send the balance file to your phone, tablet or laptop for you to listen to 4+ times a day during the day and then at least once at night(listening to specific night-time files that encourage deep restorative sleep). Consistency and commitment is key, and it has to be listened on airplane mode.

I will be adding testimonials from clients as they happen. I am already trialling with a few family members and friends and of course myself, and am noticing beneficial changes. I had healed alot of childhood trauma, I thought I had healed it all, but through the analysis I could see that there were old patterns of behaviour that were holding me back. So since starting to use this technology I have let go of so much self doubt. Also sciatica had been bothering me for a good 5 months and while exercise helped, it wasn't until I started to use the frequencies that I suddenly realised I didn't have sciatica any more!

Whilst for most of us the potential of frequencies to heal is new, there are geniuses who had insight and saw how it could help in the future.


Albert Einstein is quoted as saying "Everything in life is vibration." and "The Future of medicine will be the medicine of frequencies"

Nikola Tesla is less well-known but also invented amazing technology stated

“If you want to know the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

See disclaimer at the bottom of this page.


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My Quantum Sound Therapy approach consists of the following steps:

  • I send you a client intake form and initial consultation form which you complete, sign and send back and payment is made.

  • If doing remotely I send you all the information you need to do your voice screening including details of the best headphones/bluetooth speakers to use

    • I will send you your Detailed Emotional report and Chakra Report from the voice screening

      • We will have an online meeting where we talk about your needs and desired outcomes as well as any questions you might have.

  • If in person we will have an initial consultation where you will do the voice recording or we use the brain scanner.

  • I will send a follow up email is then sent along with:

    • Your Detailed Emotional, Mind and Chakra report from the analysis of your voice recording

  • A balance file that you can listen to 4+ a day for (in most cases) around 15 minutes long, which can help rebalance your frequency, emotions and body. Consistency is key for there to be an effect.

  • Any support needed through phone calls/messages is included in the package.

  • We will check in at the end of 2-6 months (4-6 weeks for clients with more acute issues) in to see if you have experienced any improvements based on the initial information provided and whether you would like to book a second voice scan to create a new up to date balance file.

  • The effects of the balance files lasts for about 2-6 months (4-6 weeks for clients with more acute issues) , when the client starts to feel less effects, they are plateauing and the client is ready for new frequency files.

For in person consultations the cost for the initial Quantum Sound Therapy session is £225.00*

For consultations on zoom the cost of the initial Quantum Sound Therapy session is £200.00.
Follow up consultations including voice screening, assessment against previous voice screening, reports and recommendations is £120 in person or £100 on zoom.

*In person consultations can either be a home visit, or held at The Retreat New Forest (if you are further afield than the Dorset area there is an additional cost to cover travel expenses) basis of these costs is time based as I spend between 3-4 hours on each client's case.

The Quantum Sound Therapy system does not constitute a medical diagnosis or medical treatment. Nor does QST claim to be a replacement for medical diagnosis or treatment. The program is not a medical instrument.

Can be applied as a supplement to (para)medical or complementary therapy. Preferably, this is done in consultation with the practitioner(s). It is the responsibility of the customer to inform their practitioners of any current (parallel) treatment.

The practitioner using the QST program declares that they will only use the QST program with the approval of the person that is being analysed.

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