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About Me

I have worked as a Registered Nutritionist since graduating from Nutrition at Kings College, London in 2001. I am registered with the Association for Nutrition, so all my advice is evidence based and I also regularly attend seminars and lectures for continued professional development (CPD).

I help people and families who want to eat healthier and improve their health in an holistic way that suits their individual lifestyle. I also run nutrition and cooking workshops with groups.

I also provide nutrition consultancy services for businesses who need nutrition advice and guidance, nutrition analysis of recipes and menus and nutrition content too.

A little bit of history

I have worked for companies and charities including Sustain, The Food Commission, British Heart Foundation, Organix, First Steps Nutrition, Sure Start, Organic Trade Board, Soil Association, Barnardos, Can Cook and the Centre for Food Policy at City University.

My work in the 2000s centred around campaigning for better food for children, at the time working at the Food Commission we were at the forefront on the campaign against junk food marketing. I contributed to reports by NCH Action for Children (on food and low income issues) Barnardos (on school food) and the Soil Association on their Taking our children for a ride  and their first report on children's meals in family restaurants and chains and Georgie Porgie: Exposing the truth about nursery food.

I worked with SureStart in Islington too, giving advice and guidance to mothers on weaning and eating for under 5's as well as delivering cook and eat sessions with families.

I have a passion about cooking from scratch and at the Centre for Food Policy, with Professor Martin Caraher we worked on an evaluation of a scheme where chefs teach practical cooking in schools to assess its impact on cooking confidence. This research was published in peer reviewed journals, including Apetite.

In 2011 I moved from London to Dorset with my family where I continued to advise nurseries on nutrition and developed the Nursery Food Awards for Organix and Nursery World Magazine. I started helping to judge the Nourish Awards in 2016 and still do to date. The Nourish Awards are free from awards with a focus on high quality ingredients, including ethically produced and swerving artificial additives. 

In 2015 I started working for the Organic Trade Board. This aligned with my love for food and produce that's grown in harmony with nature. I have been buying and promoting organic and biodynamic produced food since the late 1990's.


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